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Wholesale rags distributor of all cleaning rags and shop rags. ROSCO Rags offers affordable wiping cloths in a 25 or 50 lb box or by the bale. Express freight for pallet orders. RagsCo supplies all wiping rags, industrial cleaning rags and 100% cotton t-shirt rags in bulk.

We get calls everyday from customers needing rags for cleaning but they just don't know which rags will work best for their industry. That is why we put together information here on this site to help people like you that need answers about buying wiping rags. We recommend that you purchase a 50lb box before jumping into buying in bulk, this way you and your crew can be sure you have selected the material that will clean best for the job at hand.

White T-Shirt Rags

Reclaimed All White Knit

Colored T-Shirt Rags

Reclaimed Colored Knit

New Cotton Wiping Rags

100% Cotton Rags

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Industrial Cleaning Rags -Terminology

New Wiping Rags - never used and unwashed (not as absorbent and prewashed)
Reclaimed Wiping Rags - meaning recycled (prewashed, super absorbent)
Smooth Jersey Rags - cotton t shirt material
T-Shirt Rags - front and back cut-outs
Knit Rags - another term used for recycled t-shirt rags
Fleece Rags - sweatshirt
Sheeting - reclaimed sheets
Flannel Rags - pajama type or hospital baby blanket
Turkish Terry Toweling - bath towels
Mill End Exact Cuts - new material cut directly from the mill
Bleached Knit Rags - all white bleached t-shirt rags (off white)
New White Knit - new cotton rags (bright white)
Cotton T-Shirt Rags w/Print - cotton rags with possible logo or print

Questions about Purchasing Wiping Rags

What size Wiping Rags can I expect to get?
Wiping Rags average in size 18" usually and no larger than 22" or smaller than 12".

Are all Wiping Rags 100% Cotton?
No, only new mill end cuts can be guaranteed to be 100% cotton. Recycled wiping rags have no labels on them so are usually a mixture of cotton poly blend and also 100% cotton mixed together.

How many Wiping Rags are in a pound?
The amount of wiping rags you can expect per pound depends on which type of rag.

Here are a few examples
T-Shirt 7-10
Fleece 5-7
Sheeting 10-14
Flannel 5-7
Turkish Terry 4-6

What Type of Wiping Rags are most cost effective?
If you are buying in bulk and are looking for the most absorbent rag, then any light-weight cotton wiper is best for use and most cost effective.

How are Wiping Rags packaged?
25lb box or 50lb box

Can I purchase Wiping Rags in bulk by the bale?
Yes, you can buy wiping rags in bulk by the bale. Weights may differ from 800lbs to 1300lbs on average, so therefore orders must be placed manually by phone.

How many boxes can fit on a 1000lb pallet?
A 25lb rag box can fit 40 to a pallet where as a 50lb rag box can fit up to a count of 20.

Are there price breaks when buying Wholesale Wiping Rags in bulk?
Price breaks start at about 500lbs with 1000lbs being best wholesale price

Where can I buy Wholesale Wiping Rags in bulk Near Me?

RagsCo has been supplying new & reclaimed wiping rags to just about every industrial business out there since 2010. Our wholesale wiping rags vendor warehouse locations are in California, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Missouri, Virginia, New York, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Massachusetts. Find a location closest to your destination to save on shipping costs. You can expect excellent customer service when you buy from us along with easy online shopping navigation and fast checkout. You can also place your order by calling us direct at (866) 782-7181 USA.

FYI: Did you know all of these industries use rags instead of new towels for cleaning; industrial work shops, automotive repair shops, oil rigs, military bases, schools, painting and staining companies, public works departments, roofing companies, janitorial cleaning services, fire departments, marine shops and manufacturing plants just to name a few.

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